The times…

I am not a politician. But, I have an opinion.

I have heard many opinions: some angry, misinformed and sometimes even down-right cruel statements from people close to me.

I am not young and cannot even be called middle aged any longer.

There is something that begins to seep into us as we mark year after year into elderly. There is a time, almost a pause after middle-year and before elderly. It is a growing knowlege seeping into our conscience – wisened.

You may have observd an older relative or friend sit quietly listening during a heated discussion. You may have assumed they were unable to hear. No.

The smartest people quietly listen. They can see two sides to a problem – two sides to a solution.

The answer to a large problem is fluid. Quiet minds, thoughtful, wisened minds know this is true.

They also know to encourage compassion and that kindness must always be part of the resolution.

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