Cottage Book Review

Montana Sky

mystery/romance fiction


by Nora Roberts

A Jove Book – Member of Penguin Putnam Inc.

ISBN: 1101146060, copyright 1996


I found myself conflicted after reading this book by New York Times Best Seller Nora Roberts.

Three sisters never having met gather for their despised father’s funeral and subsequent Last Will and Testimony reading. They are forced by the stipulation of the document to spend one full year together on the father’s Montana cattle ranch to be eligible to receive their deserved inheritance of one third of the ranch. The three women are so different in disposition and disdain for each other that at first this seems impossible and yet the sizeable value of the ranch causes each to settle in and live on the ranch for a year.

The story line and writing are smooth and a pleasant read. I particularly valued the author’s description of the immense beauty of the landscape of Montana and ranch life.  After all, this author is a master of this genre having enjoyed the status of Best Seller for years and her writing is impeccable.

My conflicted opinions of the book are in two areas. The vivid murder scenes and  there are several, were too much for me. And the erotic scenes were too many.

This was my first read of a Nora Roberts book. If I had known – as her steady fans probably do – I might not have been startled as to how graphic the story would get.   I might have enjoyed the explicit romance, and not have cringed at the murder scenes.

The suspense throughout kept me interested and turning pages wanting to know what would happen next.

🙂 Most important for me was the fact that I missed the characters the day after I finished the book.  I actually found myself wondering what they were up to and how they were doing.  That’s the best of character development isn’t it?  I miss the three sisters and all the others on the ranch.

WITH CAUTION: I recommend this book with the expectation the writing and story are superb while the realistic and intense scenes are plenty.  The splendor and beauty of the scenery and ranch in Montana Sky was a visit I will remember fondly.



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